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Sofie is 17-years-old and deaf from birth. One friday evening she is left alone to care for her Mother while her Father works a night shift. Sofie drifts in a timeless place somewhere between youthfulness and stark reality.  When Sofie receives a text from her friend Luis, she breaks away from her responsibility and sneaks out to meet him.

Sofie and Luis delve into a night of experimentation; Luis's friendship and peculiar strength cause Sofie to question her own motivations as she begins to struggle with feelings she's never experienced before.    

This is a coming of age story at once unique and entirely familiar. 

A Film by

Ella Jane New


Ella was born and raised in Uganda, Kenya, Barbados, Cornwall and New York City. She graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2016. After graduation Ella completed a script development apprenticeship at Protozoa Pictures with Academy-Award winning Director, Darren Aronofsky; and Anonymous Content, NY Office. 
Ella's award-winning documentary, THE GLOBAL VILLAGE PROJECT, following the lives of refugee teenage girls resettled in Atlanta; was awarded a Women Make Movies Fellowship and screened at festivals (selected), U.N Global Wake-Up Fest; Unspoken Human Rights Festival; Atlanta Film Festival and Los Angeles Femme Festival. In 2016 Ella’s short narrative script; EARTH BENEATH MY FEET was nominated for Best Script at Melbourne Int'l Film Festival, Milan Film Festival and Cornwall Film Festival. 
Ella completed production for SOFIE in February 2017.

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Director's statement


My upbringing in Barbados, Uganda, Kenya, England and NYC was all parts unique, in moments tough, and amazing. I was almost always the different one in the group; this made me acutely aware of places, people and experiences. As a child and teenager I became flawlessly adaptable and forcibly self-aware as we moved from tropical island, urban inner city, rural country village, highlands of East Africa, and bustling NYC. This life experience has been a foundation of my creative work. 

SOFIE began to develop as I rode the subway from Washington Heights to Midtown in 2016. I sat with my headphones blasting, an aim of drowning out the roaring sound of the subway. Opposite me sat two deaf teenagers; they were excited, attracted, nervous and absorbed in each other. Every so often they paused to text or take a selfie, an excellent tactic for moving closer to each other. It was the beginning of a contemporary, teenage romance. I began to reflect on my own teenage experiences; sneaking out of the house, first love, first sexual encounter, troubles with my family. With these teenagers and the universal coming-of-age experience in mind, I wrote SOFIE. 

My sound design for SOFIE is influenced by our leading actress, Martina Bell. Martina has been deaf from birth, she does not use a hearing aid, and has not been trained in lip reading. Martina and I discussed her experience of sound, she described being profoundly deaf, which means she can not hear anything at all. She can feel and sense extremely strong vibrations, in a place such as a nightclub. 
Our use of silence and no subtitles is an artistic choice with an aim of bringing our audience closer to Sofie's experience, as a profoundly deaf teenager. 

I am proud to have worked with an international and ethnically diverse cast and crew; with women in key positions of writer, director, editor, cinematographer, producer and executive producer. 

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 SOFIE - Martina Bell 

LUIS - Louis Stancil

MOTHER - Jubil Khan

 FATHER - Frank Rivers


Directer - Ella Jane New

Producer - Adrienne Lovette

Associate Producer - John Rice

Director of Photography - Valentina Caniglia

Production Designer - Carrie Walsh

Assistant Camera - Monika Kolodeziej


Executive Producer - Margarida De Brito


Editor - Adrienne Lovette


Score - Toby Gale


Screenplay - Ella Jane New

Script Supervisor - John Rice


Production Manager - Elod Filyo

Grip - Pierre Rueda

Gaffer - Melanie St Clair

Sound - John Rice 

Sound - Elod Filyo

Runner - Willie Lopez

Runner - Emily Shepanek



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